Training for the Adventure…

Just finished a training ride for the journey, and for the 50 mile segment of the Cap2Cap ride this weekend. There is two things that I am certain of…that whenever you have a nice downhill is this Tidewater region, you can be certain that it will be followed by a nice (or, not so nice) uphill!

And, this ride will take all I’ve got at first! I can’t wait to get out of Virginia. It is nothing but hills! I may have to walk out!

Superman no mas…

It sucks not being indestructible. I mean that I had those aches and pains that come from enjoying life but getting older, but in my head I was still indestructible. I didn’t break, I bent. I wasn’t afraid to put myself to the test…in almost anything!

But then Feb. 14, 2014 came along, and suddenly I wasn’t indestructible anymore. I didn’t just come near my Kryptonite, I ate it! And, it sucks!

I couldn’t run, or climb, or swim, or ride my bike. I was suddenly afraid of things. I was afraid to go in the ocean by myself (I have since, though). I was afraid to go hiking and climbing. I was afraid of riding a bike (I’m still kind of afraid of that. I’ve fallen more than once). I was even nervous about driving a car or going down the stairs.

Every day gets a little better, but I never know how I’m going to feel tomorrow. When I push too hard, my body pushes back. That’s new, and it’s not fun.

I’m still in it to ride this bicycle across the country. I think that it is so cool! And for such a good cause. But, it also scares the hell out of me. And, that isn’t so cool!

I haven’t come along as much as I expected, so I’m going to train and recover on the road.

It’ll be an experience! And, it still scares the hell out of me!


What is it with all of the spam that I have had to delete? Thousands of messages every day! How did/do they find me? It’s bad enough when they spam under comments, but how do they find me when they don’t connect using a comment?

I’ll never, ever, ever buy Asics again!

OK, so much for letting that go. Back to deleting the spam.